Gravity for space travelers

By Eli Rejwan

May 1, 2001

Space travel can be made more pleasant.

It is easy to create the sensation of gravity using a little rotation energy. By contrast, it is difficult to create weightlessness on Earth's surface except for a few seconds of free fall.

Gravity for space travelers

The public has the impression that the feeling of weightlessness in space is unavoidable. This is not the case. The resources needed for a solution are manageable.

A sleeping/dining chamber can be built and attached via a long cable to a storage chamber which serves as weight balance. These can be rotated at the desired speed, and the cable length adjusted, to obtain the force of pull required for a sensation of full or partial gravity. Partial gravity would be preferred for easy transition to complete lack of gravity.

Another pair of objects rotating in reverse direction can serve for energy storage. Otherwise starting and stopping the rotation would waste precious energy.

Frequent passage between the rotating chamber and the static premises requires reliable docking technology. Improvements in this technology may lead the way to the construction of hte luxury chambers.

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