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By Eli Rejwan

March 31, 2003

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The views expressed.

This site contains the expression of personal views on memory and intelligence.

The views are not influenced by or associated with any school of thoughts, religious or otherwise.

A model is described that is unique in its coverage of all information used by living organisms, which include the genetic information, memory, intelligence, and signal exchanges within an organism.

History of development.

It was the unconvincing claims of similarities between computers and the brain which I frequently came across since the mid sixties that led me to the initial search for more likely explanations.

Much later, about a decade ago, my thoughts were more clear:

  1. No parallel between computers and the use of information by living organisms.

  2. Biological structures cannot encode the type of information that can support human memory and intelligence.

  3. Any imaginable form of signal storage, such that may exist within the sub-atomic structure of matter, is suitable for use in carrying the information required. The model presented here shows how our memory and intelligence can be explained given a suitable signal carrying mechanism. The model covers all information required by living organisms, and includes the genetic information.

  4. Information processing within living organisms relies on only one logical operation, the ability to compare two signals and detect their similarity. No other logical or mathematical operation is in use.

Not scientific papers.

Most science work is incremental, scientists build on what's been done before. Occasionally someone does something new and opens up research in new directions. To steer in a direction that effectively wipes out major parts of existing concepts in multiple disciplines is rare.

The work presented here does not comply with the scientific norms. It is a framework intended to open new directions in concepts that spans a large number of disciplines.

A scientific approach would require deep involvement in those multiple disciplines, too vast to undertake and too slow. Furthermore, the overwhelming details would make it difficult to conceive an overall picture. My approach was to shun any knowledge in the general domains of biology and in particle physics, and concentrate on showing how the availability of information makes possible the human memory and intelligence as we know them. Genetic information is included, as it relies on a particular type of memory.

My apology to the scientific community for my complete disregard of existing literature and for presenting my own assumptions without verifying the existence of works and facts that may have already been established by others.

The model presented here is in a field of major importance to human knowledge. I am aware of the little credibility it is given, but remain convinced that many future discoveries will mirror what the model indicates and that important parts of the model will be accepted as true. It is this conviction that motivated my work.

The articles, their contents.

My work is presented here in the article Cell Knowledge.

I wrote The missing word when I realized that the general views I was describing makes us shun a particular area of thought, and therefore we cannot adopt a word for it. An extensive search confirmed that no word exists for it in any language.

There is a potential benefit from 'the missing word' in conflict resolution, where the adversaries honestly believe in their claims. A mediator can suggest reading the missing word to lead to a critical review of their own claims, to a better appreciation of their opponent's claims, and to a reconciliation.

The success of the easy to read The missing word lead me to write The language we understand and speak as a preparatory article to ease the understanding of Cell knowledge. This is because I found Cell knowledge to be unwieldy to the average reader and remained so after many attempts to rewrite it.

'A false assumption that was never questioned' is the lastest addition, written when I realized that a major impediment in the understanding of cell to cell communication is the difficulty in grasping 'plane level relationship'.

The section Other ideas contains items which do not logically belong to this site, they got a ride here for my own convenience.


This is a not for profit site.

It contains a detailed explanation of the way the mind works.


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